‘A Natural Calling’ Wins Community Pick!

Hello my wonderful readers!

Thought you weren’t gonna hear from me until Friday, huh? Me too, but had some nice news to share. ‘A Natural Calling’, my short story in the Microcosms47 competition, was awarded Community Pick, as well as Honorable Mention! This win means a lot, as it represents the choice of the readers!

One of the rules of the contest was that an entry couldn’t be over three hundred words, so although I would like to have added a bit more, I managed to stay within the limit. (At exactly three hundred words-LOL!)

Just in case you didn’t get a chance to stop by and have a read, here’s the story…:)

Community Pick

Rico Lamoureux – A Natural Calling

Word Count: 300
Grandson / West End / Memoir

I arrived in London two days before Thanksgiving 1952, not feeling sentimental about my American holiday, as nine had passed since the last one I had partaken in back home. The first absence had been the only hard one, a fifteen-year-old fighting Nazis for his country, my six foot frame allowing early enlistment.

But upon taking that first life I knew I had made the right decision in following my gut, that primitive instinct to kill or be killed making me feel more alive than ever before. And so for those last two years of the war I felt the rush of life by taking it from others.

But then all of a sudden it stopped, my country giving me a pat on the back and expecting me to just turn it off.

For the next seven years I was lost, roaming the European continent before arriving in London, my decision to go down one street and not another leading me to The Ambassadors Theatre, a dazzling young lady persuading me to buy a ticket to the opening night of The Mousetrap.

As I watched the murder mystery unfold, the answers to my own dilemma began to unravel, realizing, as the characters gathered in the guesthouse to piece together the clues, what had to be done.

That night I became what the world calls a serial killer, what I call a natural calling. Starting with the dazzling young beauty outside, I strangled, I slashed, taking the last breaths of countless as I deeply inhaled each one.

Every now and then my great grandson comes by. He enjoys my stories, and now that he’s at the same age I was when I first took life, I can see in his eyes…

He’s gonna be like his ol’ grandpa.


“I love stories set in the 1950s, a sense of the tragedy of war, the aimlessness after, the discombobulation. This one gave me the chills… of pleasure, the pleasure of seeing a particularly unpleasant skill-set re-emerging in a theater, unplanned and deadly. Throughout the piece, we are reminded of the happenstance of events. Certainly this is brought home with our narrator’s choice of first victim… a nicely-done dark career choice tale.” -Bill Engleson

Thank you to all who chose ‘A Natural Calling’ as their personal favorite!

Author Rico Lamoureux poses with his award-winning piece of Flash Fiction.


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