How Tinsel Came To Be

Just under two weeks until Christmas, my wonderful readers!

In the tradition of ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’ I thought I’d pay homage to the beauty of tinsel, so gather all the little ones around and enjoy;)



Rico Lamoureux

All Rights Reserved.



It was many winters ago when tinsel came to be,

a whole town of folk gathering to see—

Candles and fruits, trinkets of glee,

an annual tradition of decorating a tree.


For those who were chosen to add to the display,

it was quite the honor, quite the hooray!

To be artistic in capturing the season,

each branch, each pine, adorned with reason.


When all was said and done it was prim, it was tall,

but the crowd had yet to truly be in awe.

For every year someone would add to the spruce,

something unique, something brilliant,

they would introduce.

But this time the town folk were left with all of the same,

nothing new, nothing to gain.

But just as the crowd began to sigh,

a young lad stepped forward with a glimmer in his eye.

He had an idea, something special in mind,

if they would just be patient

he would set out to find…


Onwards the boy ran as fast as he could,

past storefronts and stalls, to the edge of his neighborhood.

For this is where the old silver forger called home,

a grinch-of-an-old-man who lived all alone.


“Whataya’ want?! Whyarya’ here?!”

was snapped as the lad rapidly appeared.

The boy looked around with a quick hurried quiver,

until he found the pile of shiny shredded silver.

He knew the ol’ man wouldn’t even try to understand,

so he just snatched what he could, filling each hand.

Off in a flash, he left the grinch’s threats far behind,

or so he thought, until he heard the hooves of a horse’s grind!

Sprinting down alleyways and streets,

he dared not slow at the least,

afraid of getting caught by the beast on his beast!


The poor lad could feel the fire, the brimstone, the flames of attack,

not knowing if he’d make it all the way back.


But then he saw the crowd awaiting his return,

giving him the strength to escape the burn.

On through it he pushed, until he got to the tree,

where he then covered it in the shredded silver for all to see.


Oh how it glimmered, how it shined so bright,

a perfect companion to the candlelight.

Like icicles dipped in the starry night sky,

its beauty transfixed, catching everyone’s eye!

All was in awe, for this was the greatest addition,

with even the old man having to drop his disposition.


Thus is the tale of how tinsel came to be,

giving that extra something special to our beloved Christmas tree!



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