Dear Baby: Your Sac Is beautiful!

Hello Wonderful Readers!

Now that Baby is officially on the way I’ll not only be posting the short stories of substance this blog is known for, but also entries highlighting my Baby’s journey to entering this world:) After all, he or she will be a big part of The Flash Fiction Ponder later on, as I will be raising him or her to be a storyteller like daddy. (If they choose to go another route once they are about to go to college, I’ll be supportive. But to build a very solid foundation for their future, as well as teaching them about passion, I’ll be putting everything into making sure they grow up to be one of the greatest storytellers the world has ever known! And yes, this includes the initial stages of reading to mommy’s tummy!)

The first picture below is when we found out that Baby is on the way, the day before, amazingly Father’s Day, a home test telling us we were indeed going to be parents!

And then the next stage…!




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