One Year Anniversary!

My Wonderful Readers, it’s been a year!

A year of us coming together for stories of substance. Thought-provoking tales that can do everything from plant seeds of appreciation to creation, gratitude to inspiration. Serving as an alternative to the infinite depths of fluff saturating cyberspace.

Your Likes, Shares, Positive Comments, Following the Blog– is your voice telling the world that you stand up for such. That when given the choice you prefer meaningful reads over mediocrity, profound works over cliche content.

As a thank you for being a supporter of The Flash Fiction Ponder, we’re having a little giveaway!

The Maiden of Monaco

Christophe, a young peasant who is determined to win the hand of a royal maiden, sets out to compete for her hand despite the great odds against him.

Your coupon code is VC75N (not case-sensitive).

Elsa’s Gift

Coming from a life of poverty and hardship, only one could be chosen from Elsa’s family to receive a proper education. Now armed with a college degree she sets out to provide a better life for her loved ones by leaving her native Third World country. But soon Elsa is faced with adversity she could never have imagined, and it will take every ounce of inner strength she has to overcome.

Your coupon code is TG46G (not case-sensitive).

 The Mirrored Staircase

A dramatic horror story, believed by most to be a viral urban legend, with origins going all the way back to the days of slavery.

Your coupon code is HM59Z (not case-sensitive).

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