Introducing Music Video Weekends!

MVA Rico

Hey guys!

Many of you may not know this, but before I started The Flash Fiction Ponder I used to write music videos. Most were on spec, meaning I wrote them to show the music industry what I was capable of, so only a few were ever actually produced, but since they are like short stories, and in a sense the origins of The Flash Fiction Ponder, I thought it would be cool to feature these literary works on the weekends, still saving my weekday slots for the stories of substance you are used to reading every week.

So yeah, I’ll be posting the scripts I wrote, along with links to the actual songs, so you can get a feel of what he video would have been like if it had been produced. But to start off with I’ll go ahead and share with you one I actually went out and shot myself!

This was a number of years ago. We had no budget, just a cellphone and an idea. Shot it in my wife’s home country, where poverty is high, but so is the creative spirit.

So yeah, overall I think it came out pretty good. What do you think? Join the conversation in the comment section below…:)

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