The Secret Cupola Part II



A royal palace with cupolas, the center of which holds a royal secret.


Rico Lamoureux

All Rights Reserved.


Memory; what an odd little device of the mind Princess Lily thought to herself. Remarkable how it could be so vivid under the most trying of times, like five years ago when she last spoke with her grandmother. How sad that afternoon had been for her, both from what she had learned about the mind-eating disease the queen had begun to battle to the shocking truths of the secret cupola. Since then the miniature palace had been a fixture alongside the young princess’s own bed, the matriarch’s chamber sealed off to everyone but a few caretakers. Lily would occasionally hear the awful cries being shouted out by the woman she used to know dearly, echoing throughout the hallowed corridors and invading her ears until she’d have no choice but to run to another wing of the palace or bury her head in massive pillows.

As if this wasn’t enough to contend with the teenager had the disturbing antics of her twin brother to worry about as well. Not even a full year after they had last seen their grandmother he had started to attempt to touch her inappropriately, the two no longer able to have bath time together or even sharing the same bed. Old Roger had taken notice of this, knowing the unrelenting boy would not stop even if under threat by a stern hand, the veteran servant doing the only thing he could to protect the innocent Lily, having the preadolescent daughter of a maid move in to the chamber opposite Einon’s, so as to redirect his desire. And so the brat prince had a means of feeding his insatiable inappropriate appetite. And so Lily’s chaste had been spared.

But then came the development of her young breasts and other female curves, Old Roger having to collect more sexual playthings for the lad’s blood-boiling desires and narcissistic tendencies. By no means did this keep Princess Lily out of the woods from her wolf-like brother, for nothing was ever enough for the young prince who wanted everything, especially that which he was told he could not have. Lily would try to keep her distance, try to stay unusually covered up when their paths crossed, but opportunity for him to reach out with a groping hand seemed to forever be on his side, the two then getting into fights over her not wanting to be ‘loving’ and almost always ending in threats like, “Be careful while out with one of your horses. We wouldn’t want there to be an accident before the royal ass-visors had a chance to choose a successor.”

A part of Lily felt this was only talk, for how could her brother really do such a thing when all they really had was each other? But then she would think on how much darker his bad side had become, and with his recent discovery of alcohol and therefore even scarier change of character while under its influence, the thought that he was fully capable of getting rid of her for his own gain seemed not only a possibility but probability.

As if such contemplation was a forewarning, the third major tragedy of their young lives was to unfold on their sixteenth birthday.


Why does the intoxication of the mind have to be so intertwined with the celebration of the human condition? And it wasn’t like the stuff even tasted any good. Lily didn’t understand it in the least, her gala that was supposed to be full of joy troubled by the threat of her and her friends getting harassed by the drunken bruteness of Einon and his companions. So charming they thought themselves to be when approaching the young ladies for a twirl around the great hall, so repulsive their behavior, their stench, their total disregard for etiquette. But some of the girls had given in, as to sacrifice themselves for the others, laughing and turning, waltzing and deflecting, all the groping that came their way.

But then came news that one of the maidens were missing, along with a few of the troublesome lads. This was something to be taken very seriously, as she was a princess from a royal family that had been a strong ally to Lily and Einon’s kingdom. Servants were sent out around the estate, followed by squires and then men-at-arms, but their search had come up empty.

One of the missing lads was Einon, Lily’s stomach twisting in knots as she thought of what he could be up to. And that’s when the palace’s hidden chamber showed itself in her mind’s eye, sending her rushing off to find it, Old Roger trying hard to keep up not that far behind.

Sure enough the stone wall of the concealed room had been moved, sharp painful cries pouring forth from the dark space stabbing Lily in fear. Thankfully Old Roger showed up just before she willed herself to step in, the light illuminating from his torch creeping along the rock-solid walls until it found the shocking sight of the princess’s innocence being forcibly robbed from her, one rapist finishing up while two more held her down, a fourth positioning himself to have his turn. It was Einon, who looked back and yelled for the two intruders to get out.

But leave they did not, Lily running over to help the young girl, Old Roger approaching his brat prince.

Enion’s rage grew as the light of the dancing flame contorted his face even more so, left to stand his ground alone as the other three perpetrators disappeared off to the side like shadows retracting back to the darkness from which they came.

“Out! Out, I say! This is of no concern of yours!”

Lily ignored him, using the outer robe of her gown to cover the weeping bloody princess.

“Prince Einon, it is not too late,” Old Roger said. “This act is sure to cause strife if not all–out war between allies, but it is an act you have yet to commit.” He reached out to place an assuring hand onto Einon’s shoulder. “I beg you, prince, think before-“

Before Old Roger could say another word he was struck by a mighty blow to the side of the face, the other side of his head meeting the thick stone with a loud crack, rendering him unconscious in an instant, the flame he held falling to the floor with his limp body.

“What have you done?!” Lily yelled out to her twin. She already had the princess up on her feet.

“I told you, this is none of your concern,” her brother snapped back. “Leave, or I’ll…”

“You’ll what?! Kill me like Roger?!”

A look of confusion came over Einon’s face, as if to say ‘killed?’

He looked down at the old man, the fire still burning enough to show the puddle of blood the old face was lying in, the small pool of red from it reflecting in his opened lifeless eyes.

Lily used this moment of opportunity of Einon’s realization to escape with the battered princess, finding the strength to carry both of them in spite of the fear pulsating throughout her body.

Frozen in contemplation with his troubled underdeveloped thoughts, Einon didn’t try to stop her.


As the full moon reached its highest peak a cloud of uncertainty engulfed the great palace of the twins, all souls under its cupolas wondering what would come out of the evenings disturbing turn of events. Some thought there would be war, suggesting everyone take refuge in the royal castle a half night’s ride away, while others believed a more sensible approach would be taken by the neighboring king and queen. Along with Princess Lily the royal advisors felt it best to not act in haste, choosing the latter while still taking precautions in the form of placing men at watch and sending a messenger to the victimized princess’s family, to be sure they knew Einon had not actually committed the harshest sin as the others had done. Nevertheless, the response might be swift action against all involved, hence the cloud of worry so thick amongst the palace.

Little did either side know it would be of Prince Einon’s own doing that would resolve his participation in the matter.

After hours of lying in bed staring out at the full moon Lily’s nerves had finally settled enough to reach that place between awareness and sleep, but just as she allowed herself to sink down into it a heavy weight came caving down on top of her, immediately followed by a forceful hand clamping over her mouth. Her night gown was ripped open straight down the middle as quick as a blade being unsheathed from its scabbard, her bare body exposed for the taking.

Instead of reacting in panic Lily began to laugh, placing the palm of each of her hands to the side of the face hovering above her and moving them down softly in a caress.

Confusion led the attacker to withdraw his hand from her mouth.

“Come dear brother, take me as you wish. Seal our fate.”

Einon smiled. “Indeed I will.”

He shifted his weight to his left side and ran his right hand down over one of her breasts, past her stomach and to his stiffness, she reaching under her pillow with her left hand and adjusting it as if to position herself better for his taking, then raised the back of that left hand to softly caress the side of his face and on to the back of his neck.

Just before he could enter her she entered him, the secret cupola sinking into Enion’s upper spine and working its way down with its keen precision of filleting him open, instantaneously paralyzing him while not only severing but pureeing his spinal cord.

Lily pushed her brother off her, a thud to the floor where he would be left to bleed to death. The victim of a Dracloid the royal court would believe, as in time would the rest of the world, from history books telling of Queen Lily’s ascension to her throne.


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