Prince-Darling Nikki

Bare chested Prince surrounded by purple for script to Darling Nikki.

Darling Nikki

Music Video Concept/Script


Rico Lamoureux





All Rights Reserved



Right before the BEAT STARTS extreme close-up of Nikki’s hands rolling up an adult magazine.

One hand then suggestively slides down the shaft onto the base, rhythmically pushing it forward.



Prince walks from the hotel front desk to the lobby and takes a seat.

Lifting his head a little he notices a long pair of to-die-for legs sitting in a chair a few yards in front of him. (Slowly tilting up those long legs to reveal the sex goddess they belong to.)


I knew a girl named Nikki

I guess you could say she was a sex fiend

Extreme close-up, the tip of Nikki’s finger rims the tip of the rolled up magazine she holds.


I met her in a hotel lobby

Extreme close-up, she licks her lips.


masturbating with a magazine

Nikki (in open trenchcoat) drags the rolled up mag down her front…


She said

how’d you like to waste some time

Prince entranced…


And I could not resist

Close-up, Nikki’s head tilts to the side, eyes closed.


when I saw little Nikki grind


  • We zoom in as Nikki stands up in Slo-Mo, her dirty mag flying out of frame
  • We TrackBack while she walks forward, her background distortedly falling back.
  • Zoom in on Prince’s reaction.

Background morphs into a mansion with the sound of the GUITAR STRING, the sky which surrounds it going from evening to night as we do so (purpleish)

The next TWO BEATS take us through the double doors.

Inside the mansion camera pans across a large room, such an array of items it might as well be an adult sex shop.


She took me to her Castle

and I just couldn’t believe my eyes

She had so many devices

everything that money could buy

The camera comes to rest on Prince, Nikki, and Nikki’s Butler, who holds out a serving tray with contract on it.

Nikki, standing to the side of Prince, slides a pen into his hand and has him sign.


She said

sign your name on the dotted line

Like a domino effect all the lights suddenly start to go out, Prince’s head jolting up as they do so.


The lights went out

Strobing and pulsating lights show us glimpses of Prince and Nikki’s bodies flailing about in the darkness.


And Nikki started to grind



Camera doing quick nonstop 360s of the main room of the mansion.


The castle started spinning

Prince’s image sitting on the edge of the bed DISSOLVES, background still spinning.


Or maybe it was my brain

As the WARPED GUITAR brings us back to the lyrics this strobing effect morphs into the bedroom where Prince, dazed and ruffled with no shirt on, sits himself up on the edge of the bed.


I can’t tell you

what she did to me

but me body would never be the same

Nikki’s arm comes lunging up and over Prince and pulls him back down on the bed for more…


Her lovin’ will kick your behind

oh she’ll show you no mercy

Back to the darkness with some strobing lights revealing body parts here and there…


But she’ll shonough

shonough show you how to grind

darlin’ Nikki



Wide shot as we fade into the morning–lit bedroom, Prince sitting up alone in bed.


Woke up the next morning

Nikki wasn’t there


At the foot of a spiral staircase which leads into a long corridor Prince picks up a note and reads it.


I looked all over

all I found

was a phone number on the stairs

it said thank you

for a funky time

call me up

whenever you want to grind

He looks up and notices that the large works of art that adorn the walls of the long hallway are actually images of Nikki and other lovers, each one showing a wild and crazy act with a new boy toy. (Prince JumpCutting down the hall while we DISSOLVE from one filthy portrait to another)


Oh Nikki ohhh…

Ah come back Nikki

come back

At the last portrait Prince sees the one that affects him most…

The dirty deed of him and Nikki being performed from last night.


You dirty little Prince

We do really quick JumpCuts between Prince falling to his knees, (multiple angles) SCREAMING, while simultaneously superimposing the portrait of he and Nikki.


Wanna grind grind grind

grind grind grind

grind grind grind


Prince, JumpCutting/crawling on hands and knees…

Back where he started from he rises to his feet.



As the BEATED SECTION SWITCHES UP a dozen male slaves (the males from the portraits with Nikki) pour out into the open space in a synchronized fashion and take up position creating an aisle, six on each side, all in tight leather pants, no shirts and a dog collar around each of their necks with a padlock secured to it.

To fine chambermaid’s guide Prince down the aisle of male slaves. Lost and confused, he just goes with it.

As we now see who they’re leading him to. At the end of the aisle Nikki is dressed and presented as a queen.

The butler from last night lifts the cover of a silver platter as Prince and the two chambermaids reach Nikki’s pedestal. On the silver platter – – a dog collar and a padlock sit atop the signed contract.

The two chambermaids place the dog collar around Prince’s neck.

Nikki fastens and locks the padlock into place.

Prince notices the key to th padlock (master key to all the padlocks) hanging from the necklace around her neck…

Over-The-Shoulder Shot: Prince turns around to camera as it falls back to reverse down the aisle of man-slaves, leaving him in his new world.

In Nikki’s world…



Now grind to the song…

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