Remembering the Present

A woman in the present has a clear premonition of a science fiction future becoming fact, represented by this image of a future society that all looks and acts the same.

Remembering the Present


Rico Lamoureux


All rights reserved


According to statistics she was middle-aged, according to her experiences there had never been a more absolute time. Alice had been born into a decade of bright colors, had grown up in a decade of icons, and had come of age in the last decade of what many would call ‘the good old days.’ Days when terrorism was a foreign word, when politics only came around during elections, when devices were things to pick up every now and then and not constantly in one’s hand.

Many had feared Y2K would bring about electronic chaos. Little did they know the eve they were truly upon was to an age that would turn the world into one of suspicion, turn words like united and fellow into negativity like divisive and fake. Turn the recent past into a distant memory of lost innocence.

And then came the movements, born out of something good and bringing voice to spotlighting the bad. But like a fire that soon loses control crusades were taken to an extreme, the result being little less than death sentences for the guilty while unknowingly paving the way towards a bleak future for the rest of society. It wasn’t that Alice was against campaigns for change. After all, it was what the country had been built on. But like the age-old lessons of yesterday such as the power of the ring, no matter how good the intention anything that grows so absolute that anything outside of it is deemed wrong and must be extinguished is indeed a dangerous thing. And such absolute times was now what Alice was witnessing the world entering.

With a thought that could one day be as real as the present she saw herself beneath  withered skin and a head of gray, sharing stories with her grandchildren of times past. Stories that sounded so outlandish that she might as well have been reading them fairytales. Stories of eating, wearing, doing whatever you wished at any given moment. Fanciful tales of growing up to be whomever you wanted, with those who had come before you even encouraging such. Thoughts that would leave her grandkids laughing in disbelief, believing dear old grandmother was indeed beginning to lose her mind. Actually, it would’ve been a miracle if she hadn’t by this time, societies having become so sensitive that every word uttered, every action taken was policed by countless electronic eyes.

Alice could picture this science fiction future as an absolute fact with such clarity that it shook her back to the present, deciding right then and there that she would not only live the history of tomorrow with mindful appreciation but commit to memory its many colorful details. It would be fruitless of her to try to unearth the seeds now being sown by those who knew no better, but that didn’t mean she had to be a part of the dim destiny which lay ahead, vowing to remain as bright as what she had been born into.


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