Once Upon A Selfie

Image to the short story shows a selfie stick used by the young woman who has a life-changing moment.

Once Upon A Selfie


Rico Lamoureux


All Rights Reserved


Once upon a selfie while the angle was slightly high and the light subtly soft Kimmy clicked for the last time. It hadn’t been planned, or even imagined for that matter, as a dozen others had followed in her pursuit for the perfect one. Not that this was ever realistically achievable, for her detailed scrutiny never failed to find a flaw. But it was on this thirteenth attempt, this forty-fifth minute of this latest selfie session when this perspective of egotistical obsession began to shift.

It came in the form of a medium wide shot, to show off the new blouse she had just bought. Forgetting to hold in her stomach, (not that she really had anything to hide, it being nothing more than a little healthy plumpness) a thought of being with child came to mind

Such motherly pondering not uncommon among women Kimmy’s age, a natural wondering to breeze by every now and then. But under the circumstances this contemplation blew in more like a gust of epiphanic wind.

Picturing her future young child learning from their environment. What would she be passing on to her offspring? A past time which kept her from getting anything of actual value done in the present? An unhealthy focus on capturing filtered staged moments? Which resulted in what? Extra income? Prolonged happiness?

Quite the contrary. If time is money then this flaunting was only costing her. And for what? The dopamine in her brain giving her a false sense of value with every new LIKE, only to be sucked away into the infinite depths of cyberspace less than twenty-four hours later? Only to do it all over again in search of the next high?

It pained Kimmy’s heart to envision passing on such an addiction to her own child.

And what kind of legacy would she herself be leaving behind? While others were producing works of art, productivity, life, what would her time on earth amount to other than forever being etched in vanity?

And with such realization Kimmy once and for all put down the selfie stick.


RICO LAMOUREUX has been writing stories for over three decades now. He feels the greatest tale he will ever tell is to his future child, of how important it is to follow one’s passion. Part of the story involves the fact that the universe ended up placing a price tag on Rico’s dream of having a child, and so now he’s working on making this dream a reality. If you would like to help bestow the gift of fatherhood you can do so here…

Rico Lamoureux and his mission to have a baby.

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