Unbreakable Cover



Rico Lamoureux


All Rights Reserved


Over 70% of lottery winners lose their fortunes within five years of winning, with more than half of the remaining 30% unable to properly manage it until death. It’s not a coincidence that these low numbers also reflect the percentage of society who never end up achieving their dreams. Finding one’s passion is only part of the equation, the other being able to harness your own personal Powerball, also known as opportunity. Personal because time and chance is just as diverse as the stars which align them, which is why we see a limited number of success stories on one end of the spectrum and so many people lying in the gutter on the other.

So much of it starts at the beginning, when life is like the calm surface of a pond, the result being having the ability to go in any direction one pleases. But with time comes resistance, the first ripple of obstacles taking you somewhat off course but being able to get back on track with relative ease. This is the gift of youth, the world quick to forgive and oblige.

But with each passing year the waters will rise, making it harder and harder to get to your intended destination, swells becoming waves, surges becoming towering tides, strangers of the world now building barriers to obstruct your path towards achieving your goals.

It all comes back to the beginning, to building a foundation so strong one cannot stand a chance of breaking you down, and so much of this has to do with having the right coach in your corner. Your strongest advocate, friend, gatekeeper, also known as parent, there to make sure that foundation of yours is built by the most solid of material, nurturing you with the balance between love and discipline, creativity and structure, so by the time those ripples are giving rise to opposition you will be able to maneuver appropriately in any given situation. Sometimes it’ll just be a side step, while other circumstances will call for you to downright plow straight through.

All with your passion, not only riding those waves with the skill of having mastered one’s talent, but gliding over them, as the development of such places you in an untouchable state. Abilities possessed that no one can ever take away from you, for it is within you, for it is a part of you, out of reach to the masses who will say and do anything to try and claw their way to that top percentile of truly living that most never attain or sustain.

Your talent will be your truth, not only providing much more than the security of the staples of life but happiness and purpose in doing what you love for a living, thus illuminating those around you with your brilliance.

For truth is like a diamond; unbreakable.

Just as daddy’s love and devotion is for you.



Baby Update

Latest viewing of my precious baby.

Doing great at 12 weeks and 2 days.

Already holding up a hand for a pen to be slid into.

Storyteller, just like daddy!



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