Queen – Drowse

Bright sun coming through bedroom window, image for Drowse by Queen.

Bright sun coming through bedroom window, image for Drowse by Queen.


Music Video Concept/Script


Rico Lamoureux






All Rights Reserved



Engulfed within the brightness of the sun’s rays we head out a window which can barely be seen and up into the sky’s sunny afternoon…

Not sure if we’re panning or simply among the shifting beams of light, a soaring kite starts to become visible, guiding us out of our disorientation as we realize it’s the former…


It’s the sad eyed

goodbye yesterday moments

I remember

And began to sail over tree tops…


It’s the bleak street

weak knead


I recall

Falling back towards Earth camera starts to slightly shake as we seamlessly merge into a POV shot of a child running through the open field of a park…


It’s the mistier mists

the hazier days

the brighter sun

and the easier lays

A few children of about ten years of age laugh and enjoy themselves. As they enter our POV frame and join us in the playful run… (8mm home movie look.)


There’s all the more reason

for laughing and crying

when you’re younger

and life

isn’t too hard at all

The bright rays of the sun return, overexposing our POV until there is no more to be seen…

Coming out of our blinding brightness, our POV is now that of a bicycle wheel continuously rolling forward and back in boredom as our barely teen’s arms lay slung over the handlebars.


It’s the fantastic drowse

of the afternoon Sundays

We look up at our small clique of thirteen-year-olds, the two boys making endless circles as they follow one another on their bikes and the two girls playing with the gum in their mouths…


That bored you to rages

of tears

In an abandoned hangout we watch through our POV as one of the boys lights up a cigarette, takes a puff, and immediately begins to choke.

The others laugh at him and he hands it off to us…


The unending pleadings

to waste all your good times

and thoughts of your

middle-aged years

In another area of the hangout we stand with one of the girls and watch as the others joke around outside…


It’s the vertical hold

all the things that you’re told

The girl takes one last quick look out, then suddenly she leans in and gives us a quick kiss right on the lips…

Head slightly tilted down, she now shyly smiles.


For the everyday hero

it all turns to zero

We point into a little opening in between two buttons of her schoolgirl uniform…

Laughing, she gives us a peek at her training bra…

Gesturing that that was nothing, we then reach out and point to the button of her blouse…

Rolling her eyes with a smile she proceeds to unbutton a few, and with an expression like, ‘see, no big deal’ she opens up to show us, the overexposure of our bright sun rays simultaneously engulfing the scene.


And there’s all the more reason

for living or dying

when you’re young

and your troubles

are all very small


The sunrays merging with the night’s streetlights, our POV is now taller and strollin’ down a sidewalk with our quintet of now sixteen-year-olds.


Out here on the street

we’d gather and meet and scuff up

the sidewalk with endlessly

restless feet

We all head into a pool hall, our POV transitioning into a crane shot as camera floats over pool tables and other like-minded teens…


And half of the time

we broaden our minds more

in the pool hall

than we did in the school hall

And right into a neon sign on the wall which morphs us back onto the streets of the night and its world of bright lights…


With the downtown chewing

gum bums

watching the nightlife

the lights and the fun

Like a kaleidoscope lights of all colors merge together, slowly pouring forth the return of the bright sun…


Which reflects off a mirror as we discover such as camera slowly falls back, along with the reflection of a ten-year-old boy in school uniform singing to himself… (Really feeling his performance as if he’s wise beyond his years)


(boy singing)

Never wanted to be

the boy next door

always thought I’d be

something more

But it ain’t easy

for a small town boy

it ain’t easy at all

His thought-provoking state takes him to an armchair that sits before a window full of the sun’s brightness, where he plops himself down upon it…


(boy singing)

Thinkin’ it right

doin’ it wrong

 It’s easier from an armchair

And goes right into a slumber as he gazes out the window…


(boy singing)

Waves of alternatives

wash over my sleepiness

Have my eggs poached for breakfast

I guess

The warm yellow bathing him into a drowse…


(boy singing)

I think I’ll be Clint Eastwood

Jimi Hendrix

he was good

Let’s try William the Conqueror

now who else do I like?



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