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Gender Reveal Children's Picture Book firefly above garden


Author Rico Lamoureux has always wanted to be a dad, but early on he realized providing a strong foundation would be the greatest gift he could give his child, and so he waited. Dealing with one life obstacle after another including having lost total sight in one eye and a significant amount in the other his dream of fatherhood always appeared to be out of reach.

That is until recently when Rico and his wife, who had been struggling with fertility issues, learned they were going to be parents. Being the monumental occasion it is, the author wanted to come up with a unique gender reveal, which proved to be a lot easier said than done.

“I wanted to do something a little different than popping balloons with pink confetti in them or cutting into a blue layered cake. Something that would have longevity, as I have been waiting for this my whole life,” the author says, “but ideas didn’t come to me as easily as writing one of my fictional stories. But after a lot of pondering the spark ignited and the two worlds merged, the result being my first children’s picture book, Baby and the Purposeful Firefly.”

It’s also the author’s first print book, his body of work leading up to it being critically-acclaimed ebooks and short stories on his blog, The Flash Fiction Ponder, which currently has readers in over one hundred and sixty countries.

Taking a unique approach to his marketing campaign Rico plans to first release a free video version of the book via his blog on January 1, 2019 at 12:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time, having the New Year’s Countdown coincide with the big gender reveal, readers then having the opportunity to preorder Baby and the Purposeful Firefly in print before its publication date of May 7, 2019, this time coinciding with the month baby is due.

To join in on the big reveal just visit, the post titled New Year’s Gender Reveal going live when the clock strikes midnight, PST, with the author chatting in real time via the comment section of the post.

Gender Reveal Children's Picture Book firefly above garden



Rico Lamoureux


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  1. *UPDATE* We got paired with a doctor who claims a gender determination is uncertain when done at 18 to 20 weeks, so… Although we’ve seen a lot of such procedures on youtube around this stage of pregnancy the doc made us nervous enough to hold out for the determination, thus conflicting with our original plan of coinciding the gender reveal with New Year’s Eve. So yeah, although the date has been pushed back there is a silver lining for you. You can now see a good portion of the book NoW! Just go to the search box down below and type Baby and the Purposeful Firefly 1st video edition and the page/video will come up:)


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