Annie Lennox – The Gift

Music Video Concept/Script


Rico Lamoureux




Annie Lennox


All Rights Reserved





Low near the ground we slowly push across a city street and towards a small window of an apartment building… (Pavement level)

Through the window and into the underground apartment we continue to push in to find a somewhat bare studio type, making our way across the room and towards the back of Annie as she packs a suitcase.


Do… Do… Do… Do… Do…

Slowly rounding her front (medium close-up) she zips up the Samsonite bag, stands it up, and pulls it to the door. (As we track)


(Annie singing)

Darling don’t you understand

I feel so ill at ease

The room is full of silence

and it’s getting hard to breathe

Take this guilted cage of pain

and set me free

Take this overcoat of shame

it never did belong to me

From on the bag as it’s set up against the wall we slowly pan over to a nearby end table and the picture atop it of Annie with her companion.

Tilt up on a wall mirror…

And find Annie looking at her reflection. (She’ll always be in medium close-up or closer unless otherwise specified)


(Annie singing)

It never did belong to me

She turns, takes a jacket from a few hanging nearby, puts it on…

Buttons it up…

Takes a knit hat and puts it on as well.


(Annie singing)

I need to go outside

I need to leave the smoke

’cause I can’t go on living

in this same sick joke

It seems our lives have taken on

a different kind of twist

Now that you have given me

a perfect gift

Then takes a male’s brimmed hat she sees hanging there in front of her, holds it close and closes her eyes as she smells it, then hangs it back where she found it.


(Annie singing)

You have given me the gift

Annie takes hold of her suitcase and looks back at the bare yet cozy room one last time…


(Annie singing)

For we have fallen from our shelves

Then walks out, closing the door behind her.


(Annie singing)

To face the truth about ourselves

She climbs the small staircase leading up to the street…


(Annie singing)

And we have tumbled from our trees

Takes a moment to look out at the world she’s about to enter alone when she arrives at the top…


(Annie singing)

Tumbled from our trees

And sets out on her way down the sidewalk.


(Annie singing)

And I can almost…

I can almost hear the rain falling

Right there at the corner Annie stops at a bus stop.


(Annie singing)

Don’t you know it feels so good

Feels so good

With hardly any wait a bus pulls up…

Door opens…

Driver gets out and helps her with her suitcase…

And she boards and takes a seat.


(Annie singing)

So let’s go out into the rain again

Just like we said we always would

It is now that we see she’s expecting a child, as she caresses her large stomach as if to say, ‘it’s only you and I know… We’re gonna be okay…’

As she looks out the window, raindrops start to fall.


Do… Do… Do… Do… Do…

Slow fall back out the window and crane up/wide as the bus drives off…



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