Julia Clarete – Simply

A beautiful lake surrounded by pine trees for Simply, song by Julia Clarete, music video script by Rico Lamoureux of The Flash Fiction Ponder.


Music Video Concept/Script


Rico Lamoureux




Julia Clarete


All Rights Reserved





A wide shot of a lake surrounded by pine trees as DRUMS are lightly played, a clear blue sky overhead, a true landscape of serenity.

With the introduction of the GUITAR we gently glide over the surface of the water, distant reflections creating distorted yet visually pleasing imagery.

Starting from her hair we come upon Julia floating on her back.



I’ll tell you simply

I’m falling for you

I’ve never felt this way before

In the reflection of the water around Julia’s head a slight image of flowers falling like tears come and go.



I don’t need flowers and

I don’t mind tears

I just need you through the years


Two pairs of legs floating in the water. Continuing to travel up we find two hands holding one another. As we widen out it’s revealed that it’s Julia and her guy, floating together while sharing a laugh.


And I am your lover and

you are my friend

we’ve got laughter to share

Julia longingly looks at him from the corner of her eye.


I always want you

to want me

With caring eyes he stares into hers.


I always want you

to care

From a close-up of their hands parting pull back to a wide shot, the two separating as they float away from one another, forming a ‘Y’.


We can’t be one

but two is fine with me

You’ve got your time

and I’ve got mine

Single shot of Julia.



I don’t want you

under my hand

I just need you to


The camera continues to move up over Julia’s head and once again starts to glide over the lakes surface.

Traveling on the water, scenes begin to play out as reflections.

MONTAGE – Their past, on the lake.

  • A little boy and little girl play together on the bank of the lake.
  • Autumn leaves gently fall around the scene. The boy and girl, around ten years old, set on a dock in the middle of the lake. The girl playfully pushes the boy in the water, then jumps in beside him.
  • A light snow begins to fall, taking us from one scene to another. The lake is frozen over. Now teenagers, the guy and girl ice skate around each other. The girl slips. He reaches over and offers her a hand. She takes it but does so to pull him down with her. After sharing a laugh they look into each other’s eyes and share a moment. The falling snow gets heavier, taking us from the past…


From a wide shot high above we slowly come down on them. This is a surreal moment, as they float in sync with one another.

First, doing 360’s as they near each other.


They come in contact with each other at the feet and continue to rotate, making contact with their hands, then heads, hands again, feet…



I’ll tell you simply

I’m fallin for you

I’ve never felt this way before

I don’t need flowers and

I don’t mind tears

On the last line their hands join.



I just need you

Camera lowers down until it’s right above the surface of the lake, in the background the sunset.

They float off together towards it.


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