Dear Journey – Heartache

Rico Lamoureux of The Flash Fiction Ponder with a hand on his son Journey via his wife's stomach. Image for the author's journal to his child.

Rico Lamoureux of The Flash Fiction Ponder with a hand on his son Journey via his wife's stomach. Image for the author's journal to his child.

Dear Journey,

Today is February 8th, a date that has stayed with me for most of my life. You see, it was exactly 29 years ago today when I experienced my first true heartache from a break-up. I had even transferred schools to be with this girl, only to go through her ripping my heart out a couple of days later. (And so close to Valentine’s Day!)

Being so traumatic it took me within a razor’s edge of taking my own life, but I persevered. That chapter in my life, along with all the others is something you’ll one day read about in my Autobiography. A chance to get to know me a little more and hopefully learn a thing or two from it. But for now I’ll just say this…

Heartache is part of the human condition no person can ever escape. I believe I’ve experienced it more than most, so if we were to subscribe to the old adage ‘What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger’ I guess your old man would be a god right about now. The truth is, each time one is chewed up and spit back out by the world is hurts like hell, and so I’ll do everything in my power to prevent as much of this heartache for you as I possibly can. But for the times when it is completely out of my control, such as a girl ripping your heart out, I’ll do whatever I can to be there for you, the strong foundation I’ve built in raising you indeed getting you through it.

This is another reason why what we do as storytellers is so important, Journey. Not only will our art and craft always be there for us (even during our darkest of times) but by using our talent and passion for it to take what we have survived and thus forge stories of substance, stories that are indeed in alignment with truth, the result of which is using our gift of storytelling as a gift to the world.

Yes, I know, the same world that at times is responsible for so much of our heartache. But this is how we prove we are better, by continuing to forge and give our art for those special souls who will find solace in what we create.

Heartache; it is as human as breathing, as bleeding, but as long as I’m around I’ll do whatever it takes to help cushion the blow.



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