AC/DC – Bad Boy Boogie

Image for Bad Boy Boogie by AC/DC, music video script by Rico Lamoureux of The Flash Fiction Ponder.

Bad Boy Boogie

Music Video Concept/Script


Rico Lamoureux






All Rights Reserved





With four quick JumpCuts, one for each POUND of the DRUMS, we push in on a low angled exterior shot of a demented-looking hospital in the dead of night, RAIN pouring down.

The next four quick JumpCuts are going through the entrance of the hospital.

During the third set we JumpCut down the hall.

And on the fourth, towards the doors of a delivery room.

(As that GUITAR comes cranking in) those double doors BURST OPEN.

We cut to a close-up of the back of a bare-assed standing baby, his little foot moving to the BEAT.

He starts to walk down the hall, passing by an old janitor mopping. He kicks one of his  ankles, causing the old man’s Kangol hat to fall off. The bad baby catches it, tosses it up on his head and continues on his way. (Brian)

Coming around on baby Brian with a 180, we…


Completing the 180 on a fifteen-year-old boy (Brian), a real badass, walking down the street. With a cig his ear and a match hanging out his mouth, we track with him as he walks towards camera, wearing that same Kangol hat.


On the day I was born

the rain fell down

He passes a woman twice his age and slaps her on the ass. She’s shocked… But at the same time kinda liked it. He gives her a wink and a grit of the teeth.


There was trouble brewing

in my hometown

The kid takes the match from his mouth, replaces it with the cig and strikes the match on a passing old lady’s chin, causing it to ignite.


It was the seventh day

I was the seventh son

Speechless and not wanting any part of him, everyone else clears the way as he lights up.


And it scared the shit

out of everyone

A boy around eight in a schoolboy uniform (Angus) spray paints a skull on the side of his school. He finishes just in time, taking off as soon as the principal notices.


They said stop, I said go

they said fast, I said slow

They said yes, I said no

I do the bad boy boogie

During the BRIEF INSTRUMENTAL we fall back and crane up on a line of girls waiting their turn to go up in a tree house.

Reaching the level of the treehouse we pan left to an eight-year-old boy (Malcolm) who’s looking out at the line of girls with a smile on his face.

He shuts the window and turns around to…


Being a bad boy

ain’t that bad

I’ve had me more dirty women

than most men ever had

Two girls approaching him.


All you women

come along with me

He unbuckles his pants and they drop to his ankles.

He smiles.


And I’ll show you how bad

a bad boy can be

A thirteen-year-old, (Cliff) tosses a can of spray paint to the side of a car that is tagged DETENTION SUCKS! And picks up a nearby bat, then SLAMS it into the front windshield.


I said right and they said left

I said East they said West

The fifth boy, nine-ish, (Phil) breaks a chain with a rock, yanks the busted snake of metal off a bike, hops on it and rides off.


I said up and they said down

I do the bad boy boogie

all over town

With the following coming in of the GUITARS we cut to each of the five boys as they make their way down streets and alleys. Repeat this three times until…

(That solo BEAT comes in) at which time the five bad boys come across each other at the same time on the sidewalk.

They just stand there, sizing each other up…

Simultaneously, (on that LAST BEAT) they look to the store window of the shop their standing in front of. There’s a drum set, three guitars and a mic/mic stand.

With the immediate SLAMMING IN of the GUITARS, we cut to a shot of them in the storefront’s glass window ROCKING OUT, the glass SHATTERING OUT in effect.

Angus is going wild, as are the others…

(With that short break from the beat- GUITARS ONLY) we push in to an auditorium, the exterior first, marquee reading: AC/DC.

Continuing to push in we go through the lobby, (and with the BEAT BACK) flying over a sea of people to the main stage where the band, as adults, are still ROCKING OUT.


I wanna tell you know story

tell you know lie

I was born to love

till the day I die

I just line them up

and I knock them down

When the word got round

I said up, they said down

they said straight, I said round

they said lost, I said found

I said free, they said found

Bad boy boogie

do the bad boy boogie

that boy boogie

Bad boy boogie


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