The Black Ghosts – Full Moon

Full Moon Cover

Full Moon

Music Video Concept/Script


Rico Lamoureux




The Black Ghosts


All Rights Reserved.



Quick multiple shots of a black gloved hand concealing weapons throughout the black outfit its person wears.

  1. Shurikens (throwing stars) close to the ribs.
  2. Bo-Shurikens (throwing spikes) strapped to the wrist.
  3. A flat knife placed against the side of a shin.
  4. A Kusari Fundo (weighted chain) belted around the waist.
  5. A powder pack on the shoulder.
  6. A small thorn-shaped piece of blade protruding from the heel of a tabi. (Japanese footwear)
  7. More flat blades on an inner thigh.
  8. Some small, marble-shaped pieces of steel poured into a pocket.
  9. The base of a katana blade, (Japanese sword) is secured in its scabbard.


When the thorn bush turns white

That’s when I’ll come home

Starting from the back of the night warrior’s head we pan around him 180° as he brings down a black hood which covers his face, leaving only his eyes exposed. (We time the shot just right so as not to show his identity. Ending on the shot as his eyes open and look directly into camera.)


I am going out

to see what I can sow

He slings the strap attached to his katana over his shoulder and head, resting it across his chest, which in turn secures the katana to his back.


And I don’t know

where I’ll go

The lone warrior heads for his front door.


And I don’t know

what I’ll see

He looks back at his simple yet cozy one-room cottage, to his love flying asleep in bed.


But I’ll try not to

bring it back home with me

The night warrior makes his way down a deserted street, lit only by the moon.

In the background sky, a large pair of eyes open. (Meant to be metaphorical, not actual.)


Like the morning sun

your eyes will follow me

A rapist has his way with a young woman, back-handing her when she tries to fight it.


As you watch me wonder

curse the powers that be

A moon star quickly flies through the air.

All of a sudden the rapist becomes as still as stone.


‘Cause all I want

is here and now

He falls face first to his victim’s side. She sees the moon star sticking out from the back of his head…


But it’s already

been and gone

And peers in the direction it must’ve come from.

Only a glimpse of a shadow is caught, before it becomes part of the night.


Our intentions always last

that bit too long

Running for his life, a homeless man stumbles into an empty parking lot.

Five skinheads catch up with him and surround him from all sides, withdrawing knives as they do so.

One throws a beer bottle at the defenseless man’s head. This serves as a cue for the rest of them to swarm.

They take turns taking a slice at the victim, shoving him off from one to the other in this deadly game of hot potato.

As one goes to stab him straight on, the attacker’s hand is grabbed and quickly twisted to the point of a wrist break. (Omote Gyaku)

in the same motion the night warrior takes him down to the ground while taking control the knife.

He THRUSTS the knife into the attacker’s throat, the handle sticking out like a statement.

Still squatted near the ground a second skinhead rushes our shadow of order, but is stopped in his tracks by a flying Bo-Shuriken right in between the eyes.

Just as the night warrior stands up a knife comes piercing towards his chest. Like wind, he blows to the side at the last second, the blade penetrating nothing but air.

The thorn-shaped piece of blade coming from the heel of the tabi slams into the attacker’s leading knee, then finds its way out the cartilage  by slicing through the kneecap.

Before the attacker has a chance to collapse led by his excruciating pain the night warrior grabs him by each side of the head and brings him down to the cement head first with the speed of a bullet train.

The two remaining adversaries approach their deadly opponent, one from the front, the other from the back.

The one from the back brings his knife down like a hammer. The night warrior falls back to meet it at just the right moment, taking control of the wrist and popping the elbow out of socket with his shoulder. (A variation of Ganseki Otoshi)

He then turns his back just as the adversary in front of him rushes, causing the one on his back to be stabbed by his own ally.

The night warrior slips behind the last foe standing, wrapping his Kusari Fundo around the soon-to-be dead man’s neck as he does so.

They’re actually back-to-back, the back of the adversary’s head resting upon the ninja’s shoulder, being held there by the wrapped-around chain he holds securely.

As if the trap door of a gallows swung open the night warrior drops a bit to lower himself, then quickly pops back up again, the pressure breaking the neck of the enemy.

In Slo-Mo, he lets go of one end of the chain, allowing the body to fall to the ground.


Far far away

Still in Slo-Mo, we start to pull out on the dangling chain…


No voices sounding

To a wide shot of him standing among the five lifeless bodies which surround him. (In the distance, steam rising from a manhole.)


No one around me

Continuing the Slo-Mo, he walks away.


And you’re still there

An extreme close-up of a hefty thug in stillness, his non-blinking eyes open but staring out at nothing in particular. A trickle of blood streams from his mouth. Unnaturally, it travels up his cheek.


Far far away

Pulling out to a two shot (close-up), the night warrior is there beside him, just looking ahead.


No choices passing

The camera rotates 180° to reveal they are both hanging upside down.


No time confounds me

Slowly pulling back, the dead thug is let loose and drops to the ground below.

The fire escape the two were hanging from his now empty.


And you’re still there

At an abandoned warehouse basement a sluggish man steps out to check on a noise he hears, taking drags from his cigarette as he does so.


In the full moon’s light

I listen to the stream

We push in past him and through many hanging blankets, to a lit area of the basement.

Scared and alone on a dirty mattress two little foreign kids huddled together. Nearby, a video camera sits on a tripod.


And in between the silence

hear you calling me

In an instant one of the night warrior’s steel blades slices through one of the inner thighs of the sluggish man. It’s immediately followed up with a slash to the knee, causing it to buckle from underneath the pedophile.

The third and final cut, opening him up from the groin to the tip of the chin.


But I don’t know

where I am

The pedophile falls over to bleed to death.


And I don’t trust

who I’ve been

At a tilted and warped angle the night warrior makes his way through alleyways and other dimly lit areas.


And if I come home

how will I ever leave

MONTAGE – Creators of chaos reap the karmic seeds they have sown.

  • With an arm locked in place against the back of his neck, the night warrior throws an evildoer headfirst into a brick wall. (Ganseki Nage)

Not having let him go yet, he uses his inside foot to take out the enemy’s foot, while at the same time forcing him down to the pavement with that locked arm. (Head first, via hand against locked elbow.)

  • Limbs tear and break.
  • Knees BUST in opposite directions.
  • Fingers snapped like twigs.
  • Shoulders torn from out of their sockets.
  • Close-ups of the predators who have become prey in the anguish they convey.

Some yell with open mouths.

Others scream through their bitten-down teeth.

On the last doomed soul, we crane up on him as he looks up and claws against the side of a building, trying to escape his fate as if he could climb walls.

Continue the crane up, the further we get from him the more the darkness engulfs him.

Tilt up on the crane up as we reach the rooftop, to find the night warrior standing there overlooking the city.

The night sky and full moon at his back.


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