Dear Journey – There’s A Thin Line Between….

Author Rico Lamoureux of The Flash Fiction Ponder shares life lessons with his son Journey.

Author Rico Lamoureux of The Flash Fiction Ponder shares life lessons with his son Journey.

Dear Journey,

There’s A Thin Line Between…

Never giving up & drowning in insanity by doing the same thing and expecting different results.

How do we know when to do one or the other? Life will teach you so much, but it’s the foundations we build for ourselves that will guide us to hopefully make the right choices.

There’s A Thin line Between…

Nurturing & Conditioning.

I’ve already received a couple of ignorant replies from those who have chosen to open their mouths before their minds when discovering the fact that I’m going to raise you to be a writer.
(Can you hear me, Curtis Australia? Is the light of truth too bright for your narrow-minded perspective, Kaweco Pens?)
This was my response to them:
‘Of course I will support my child if he chooses another route later, but there’s nothing wrong in giving him a strong foundation. Anyone can benefit from solid literacy.
My wife and I both come from poverty, waiting as long as we could to have Journey before her biological clock said it’s now or never. I’m American who couldn’t meet income limits to take her home seventeen years ago when we were married due to the fact that my disability payments were too low. (I’m totally blind in one eye, legally blind in the other, Acute Retinal Necrosis) So I just went on fighting year after year to try and make our lives better in this Third World country of the Philippines, every single day of the week, month, year, giving it everything before my one working eye strains out for the night.
The one thing I can pass on to my child is my passion, and for judgmental people who come from privilege compared to us, if they fail to see this is my son’s best shot at breaking the cycle, screw ’em. I will never apologize for trying my damndest to help my son escape this, giving him the head start he needs to truly have a great chance at doing so.’
Of course they never replied back!
The most ironic thing is, I can say with 99.999% certainty that they are the ones not giving their children a choice, as I’m sure they are conditioning their kids to believe in the same religion they do.
It all goes back to the ol’ adage, ‘Children Learn What They Live’. I will never force something upon you, Journey, but while obstinate imbeciles are wasting their lives away judging others I will be relentlessly building the stairway to opportunity for you, son.
Which leads us to…

There’s A Thin Line Between.. 

Opportunity & Adversity.

Although at times it can seem ever-so-thick!

Daddy has been working so hard trying to prepare for you, trying to find sponsorships, marketing gigs, etc. But with my very limited vision I can only do so much in a day, always nervous to push it too far and lose what remaining sight I have left. But I have no choice but to keep veering towards the edge, as I still don’t even have your essentials, let alone the cost for your delivery.

For nearly seventeen years I tried not to have you born in this Third World country that is the native land of your mother’s, but now that you’ll be here in just 10-12 weeks the fight has turned to having you born in a decent hospital. But daddy still doesn’t know how he’s going to come up with the $1000 for a regular delivery or the $1700 if mommy requires a C-Section.

So why does daddy say there’s a thin line between opportunity & adversity when he has faced the latter all his life, with the gap feeling as though it were wider than the largest sea? (Being the Pacific Ocean. Ironically bordering my state of birth, California!)

Because I’m an optimist by nature, and therefore know that things can change at any moment. The right pair of eyes can lay upon us and grant that priceless gift of opportunity. One just never knows when it’s right around the corner.

And so we keep fighting for it.

And so we walk the line.





  1. For those of you who choose to question Rico’s devotion to his son…..DO NOT JUDGE. You have NO idea what is has been through or is going through. WHO ARE YOU TO STAND IN JUDGEMENT OF HIM???? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…..and you are all empty handed.


  2. Look at all the kids at Ellen show do you think they are born that way. You have to have your child start with a foundation and guide them if they are to have a bright future. When they are old enough to know what they want then let them do it. I am impress by Rico’s dedication to his child even of his legally blind he does not stop trying to provide a better future for hi Son. Wish you goodluck Rico!

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