Halloween Countdown – Eazy E – First Power

Fire flame, cover image for Eazy E First Power. Script written by Rico Lamoureux of The Flash Fiction Ponder.

Fire flame, cover image for Eazy E First Power. Script written by Rico Lamoureux of The Flash Fiction Ponder.



Rico Lamoureux




Eazy E


All Rights Reserved




Pushing in and through the only window that’s lit. One which is below ground level.

Fire provides the light.


Sporadic piles of body parts kindling flames.

Large metal barrels illuminating from the blazes within.

Everything in view reflects the dancing flames, including one near CHEAP SUIT, a black guy dressed to fit his name. He reads from an open book in his hand.

In the other hand he holds a chain. Attached to the other end of the chain by the wrists, a black girlie in panties and a bra that’s barely hanging on. Gagged and being able to do nothing but stand there in fear she tries to avoid looking straight ahead at the horror which sits before her.



I am the resurrection and the life

He who believes in me

though he die yet shall live

and whoever lives 

and believes in me shall never die




Cheap Suit yanks on the chain.



Shut up, bitch


He returns to his reading, a few pairs of eyes watching from corners and other darkened areas, with an occasional passing bat or two.



Fear not them which kill the body, rather fear Him

which is able to destroy both body and soul in Hell

Get thee behind me Satan and push me along


The power they now stand before is revealed. A buffed-up Satan, wearing a suit worth a thousand cheap suits and sitting on a high throne. His face is that of Eazy E, and in one of his enormous hands he grasps a 40 and a huge blunt.



All this power I will give the

if thou therefore will worship me

All shall be thine


Taking a hit from his own decent-sized blunt Cheap Suit drags his sacrifice with him as he walks backwards performing a ritual.



Come with me bitch

as we go through the door backwards

Heaven in art which father our

our father which art in heaven


All of a sudden girlie’s hero BUSTS THROUGH the door-



Hey mothafucka!


Cheap Suit has just enough time to turn around before his chest is BLOWN OPEN by a shotgun, his inside fluids SPLATTERING over girlie.

Instantaneously we zoom in to an extreme close-up of Satan, head tilted down and to its side as he looks into camera.



See ya round

buddy boy


And just like that he’s gone in a puff of smoke.




The Versatile Storyteller, an online writing boot camp by author Rico Lamoureux and his son Journey Teller Lamoureux of The Flash Fiction Ponder.


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