The Mirrored Staircase Prologue

mirrored staircase

The Mirrored Staircase


Rico Lamoureux

Copyright 2020 The Flash Fiction Ponder

I loved this story!! It’s scary and I have read a lot of horror novels. This one has a fear factor of 10. Love the plot and the characters. Not to be read when home alone.”

-Laura Furuta

This story has a lot of substance to it. Yes, it’s scary, & will easily get your heart pumping, especially if you’re alone, but there’s so much depth here too! At its core, it’s really an emotional story, and I would highly recommend it!”

-Bookworm Princess




A fallen heroine,

but a heroine nonetheless,

and so I blow to you

this sweet little dark kiss…


Cherokee rose keep the bumblebee buzzin’,

how many times this rocker be rockin’?

House be creakin’,

porch be leanin’,

all serve Aunt Mama as she be leadin’.

Number 4,

slave for a slave,



all for another honeychild.

Racin’ dog rollin’ down the highway,

roundin’ the bend just a quarter mile away.

Use them Hershey kisses to hook you a catch,

always some stray for the next fillet.

Sweeter than the bumblebee,

hotter than the bait,

take ‘em on up to the reflective gate.

Where he be waitin’,

over the forever maiden,

bloodbath for the lamb,

not of the lamb,

will leave you shakin’.

Ah, sweet bumblebee,

if only I had wings like thee,

to fly away from such horrid ancestry.

But watch yourself with those Cherokees,

they just might lure you to your enemy.

Clear and iridescent

you be snagged before you know it,

like Aunt Mama’s deceitful webs

too late by the time she show it.

Destined to keep given up my suga’ for eagle eye cherry?

Or will there someday be an end

to the innocent’s blood berry?

Don’t know

so just keep on hummin’,

song of the lost souls keep on drummin’.

My S.O.S into cyberspace,

origins of the mirrored staircase.

Chapter 1 posted shortly~

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