FREE BOOK: Elsa’s Gift – Chapter 6

Cover to the critically-acclaimed novella Elsa's Gift, authored by Rico Lamoureux of The Flash Fiction Ponder.

Cover to the critically-acclaimed novella Elsa's Gift, authored by Rico Lamoureux of The Flash Fiction Ponder.


Rico Lamoureux


All Rights Reserved.



Chapter Six



It had only been a few days but he already missed the softness of her voice, the innocent beauty of her face, the sweetness of her laugh. And when she had leaned over to kiss his cheek it had taken all his composure not to take her into his arms and kiss her with a passion he had never known before.

Countless beautiful young women had come and gone over the years but Elsa was different. Elsa was special.

And so Ken made up his mind as he jogged along the wet sand of the beach resort he had been sent to. When he got back to the mansion he would pour his heart out to her. Tell her everything, and offer to take her away and take care of her. He had enough savings put away to where they could open a decent business and envisioned sending for her family once they were established. He would have her, she would be able to provide for them and all would be wonderful.

He just had to get back to her before it was too late.


About an hour up the coastline Elsa and the girls were having the time of their lives at another resort while always under the watchful eye of Meg and security. Vicki’s younger sister Coco had joined them for this weekend getaway, initial paperwork of her transition to permanently join them after college having already been processed.

From beach volleyball to scuba diving, banana boating to attempts at wind surfing, the two days of fun had created an even stronger sisterly bond between these young women. And when Coco had learned that Elsa was a graduate of the same course of study she was now taking the two had spent their evenings in front of Elsa’s laptop,

‘When they ask you what’s the most important aspect of business,’ Elsa had shared with Coco, ‘tell them customer service. Because customers are the lifeblood of any business. Without them profit can’t be made. And that’s the whole point.’

When they had returned back to the mansion and it was time for Coco to leave for the airport the two had embraced, promising to keep in touch and looking forward to working together when the time came.

Having enjoyed the weekend out in the fresh air Elsa decided to take her laptop out to her favorite garden, taking what she now saw as her special seat by the fountain as she used the wi-fi to study up on the latest business news while waiting to be assigned her new task.

An hour had passed, maybe two when she heard a rustling of leaves and looked up to discover a half dozen expectant women, all at various stages of their pregnancies walking into the garden from a trail beyond the trees.

Among them, Maria, who was starting to show a little.


‘Elsa, how are you?! How are the others?’

‘We’re fine,’ Elsa said as they embraced, being sure not to press against Maria’s stomach.

‘I had no idea!’

Before Maria could respond, Rumiko, the chaperon of the mothers-to-be called for her.


‘I have to go, Elsa. Tell the other girls Hi for me, and that I miss you all.’

‘I will. Take care.’

A van pulled up outside the garden, the pregnant women carefully placed into it before it was driven further away into the Fujimoto estate.

Elsa, puzzled, sat back down, a few minutes passing before she could get back into her research.

As evening fell Elsa just couldn’t get the shock of Maria out of her mind.

She had wanted to tell the girls over dinner but felt it wasn’t appropriate in front of Meg and Mr. Fujimoto. They had all been sent to bed early on the account of being tired from the trip back from the resort, but Elsa was hoping Vicki would still be up and asked the maid who checked in on her to give Vicki a message.

She sat in front of her dresser mirror in a cute pair of pajamas while brushing her hair when the knock came on her bedroom door. ‘You wanted to see me?’ Vicki said as she peered in.

‘Yeah,’ Elsa whispered. ‘Come in. I got a secret I need to tell you!’

To her surprise and delight Rhani and Josephine came in behind Vicki, the three making sure the door closed quietly before making their way over to join her. Elsa got up and they all cuddled into her bed, acting like a group of school girls about to share secrets with one another.

‘You’ll never guess who I saw in the garden today.’ she whispered. ‘Maria! Pregnant! And she was with a bunch of other pregnant women!’

The others really didn’t seem that surprised by the news and looked at each other before looking back to Elsa.


Vicki searched for the words. ‘There’s something you need to know.’

Suddenly the doorknob turned and they all startled a little as Meg walked in.

‘Ladies, we should get to bed now. We have some things we need to do in the morning.’

‘We’ll talk tomorrow,’ Vicki whispered, her and the other two girls hugging Elsa goodnight before taking their leave.

‘Will I be starting that new assignment tomorrow?’ Elsa asked Meg.

‘Yes. As a matter of fact we’re making arrangements now.’

A maid then entered the room with a serving tray, atop it a glass of water and a miniature paper cup. Meg took them both into her hands and held out the cup first.

‘What’s this for?’ Elsa asked.

‘Just a little something to help you rest. You have a long day ahead of you tomorrow, with the new project and all.’

The thought of it made Elsa excited, and without thinking twice she took the pill, drank the water and allowed Meg to help pull the bedspread up to her neck.

‘We’ll see you tomorrow,’ Meg said as she turned off the lights.

‘Goodnight,’ Elsa answered. So sweet. So naïve.

A few countries away Elsa’s family enjoyed their new television from atop their new couch, the light buzz of a new refrigerator, their first refrigerator, humming nearby.

In the next room and alone in his bedroom Elsa’s father sat under a light, a box of toothpicks and a bottle of glue being more his choice of entertainment than whatever they had on that screen in there. But no matter how much he tried to steady his trembling hands the years of hard labor had finally caught up to him, costing him his favorite pastime, and so he realized when his last attempt at assembling a bridge failed, nothing but a heap of toothpicks mangled in sticky glue.

The moonlight poured through Elsa’s bedroom window and down upon her face. So pure and soft it appeared that he just had to feel it, the gentle stroke of his hand causing her to stir a little but not wake.

That is until he could no longer control himself, the light touch now turning into a full-out caress, his fingertips sliding up the side of her face and through her hair.

With this she awoke, and realizing someone was touching her she tried to speak but a pair of fingers came down upon her lips. Squinting through the darkness she struggled to see who was there.

Elsa tried to sit up and push the fingers from her mouth but as soon as she did so the figure pushed her back down and covered her entire mouth with his hand.

Elsa’s eyes became wide. Tears began to build up. Her breathing started to increase.

With his free hand the figure ripped open her pajama top. Elsa began to shake and cry a little. The tears in her eyes had made it even harder for her to see.

She tried to fight back, but the imposing strength was too much. That, and the effects of the pill she’d been given earlier still being felt. A dark voice, harsh whisper, warning her, ‘Do not fight! You will only make it worse.’

The figure tore off her pajama bottoms, causing his hand to momentarily lift from her mouth. ‘I can’t breathe!’ she gasped.

He placed a finger to her lips. ‘Do not scream.’

Hardly able to control her shakes she quickly nodded YES.

The figure left her mouth uncovered and went down to her breasts, fondling them with his rough hands, sucking them with his greedy mouth, Elsa fighting to keep the whimper from escaping her throat.

The figure lifted his head and looked down at Elsa. He wiped the tears from her eyes. She looked up to him, his face now in the moonlight…

It was Mr. Fujimoto.

She couldn’t help it. The whimper escaped from her throat.

‘Shhh… Relax,’ he said.

Elsa, with the exception of an occasional involuntary tremble just lied there, frozen, as Fujimoto took the back of her neck into his hand and began to kiss her.

An image of one of those mannequins at the department store flashed across her mind. She was now determined to be no more than that for him.

He lifted his grotesque mouth from hers, looked her in the eyes and entered her.

She couldn’t help but tense up, tears falling from her eyes and blurring the image of him.

She clinched her eyes closed, turned her head to the side and did her best to see the mannequin, to become the mannequin as he robbed her of her innocence.


Chapter 7 posted shortly.

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