One More Roll of the Dice

Strip of film with horror story The Mirrored Staircase, from The Flash Fiction Ponder.

Spent a few chapters of my life chasing the Hollywood dream, setting out to Tinseltown after a couple of years in film school learning how to write screenplays.

Less than two years later and life threw me a hell of a curveball, leaving me very near legally blind. But I kept at it for a few more, until I finally realized I was spending too much time running in a hamster wheel and getting nowhere, turning my storytelling efforts to the indie world and eventually giving birth  to The Flash Fiction Ponder.

I have no plans on ever giving up this blog, as it is my preferred medium since I am 100% in control of it, but that’s not to say I’d pass up an opportunity of an old dream if it came my way. Well, the other day I came upon a potential screenwriting opportunity. It’s a long shot, maybe even a loooooong shot, not sure yet, but with the strong urge still inside me to see one of my stories up on the big screen I said what the hell, I’d give it one more roll of the dice.

And so I’m choosing the most cinematic story I’ve ever written, The Mirrored Staircase, to slingshot out into the abyss of Hollywood, but first I’ve got to adapt it, meaning reshape it from a work of Literary Fiction to a much more visual screenplay.

Some of you may have already read the original novella, which is available for free on this blog, but if you haven’t I’ll go ahead and provide you the direct link below. You never know, my stars might finally align on this last attempt of a life-long dream, so here’s your chance to have a read before it possibly becomes part of cinematic history;)

And so I’ll be taking a little hiatus from the blog, just long enough to adapt the story. And once complete, once I start sending it out into the world I’ll let you know the progress.

Stay tuned!

The Mirrored Staircase

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