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Quick stories full of substance! Whether you’re waiting in line, eating a meal, or anything else that’s taking up your time yet leaving you open for a short engaging read, The Flash Fiction Ponder is just what you need to fill your downtime with a little substance!

My name is Rico Lamoureux and I am an author of short stories and novellas(as will my son, Journey Teller, soon be). I know, this short form medium seems to get a bad wrap, many readers feeling they don’t get the same satisfaction from this narrative length as they do from traditional novels. I agree, this can quite often be the case, but over the years, the decades of absorbing great storytelling, I feel I’ve developed a talent for doing just that: being able to tell a great story with a lot fewer words. And I’m proud that those who take the time to read my work tend to agree, including the book review blog, Common Book Sense…

“When an author submits a review request for a novella/short novel, I find myself crying a little inside. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve read some that have been absolutely amazing, but for the most part I’ve found that, in order to keep it short and sweet, the content tends to be lacking…making it really hard to become submerged in the plot. There’s nothing worse than finishing a book and feeling like something was missing….like it could have/should have been so much more!

Let me begin this review by saying that Riker’s Calling did not once feel like a typical novella. In fact, it exceeded my expectations in ways that I didn’t think possible. The plot’s twists and turns made it truly impossible to put down. It had me guessing what was going to happen next, and then left me speechless. The characters were perfect, the story line was phenomenal, the content amount was dead on, and the way it was able to make me forget I was reading a novella was absolutely refreshing.”

My mission with The Flash Fiction Ponder is to provide engaging stories for readers who don’t have the time to take on a full novel, but still yearn for a great story:)



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Cover to the autobiography Power of the Pen by Rico Lamoureux of The Flash Fiction Ponder.