Book cover for the crime thriller Riker's Calling, silhouette of main character in front of Los Angeles at night.

From school bullies to the crime-ridden streets of his hometown of Los Angeles, Jeremy Riker has always felt the need to do something about the injustice surrounding him. Just as he sets out on his journey as an urban warrior, he unknowingly gives rise to an obsessive adversary, who ends up becoming one of the most notorious serial killers the city has ever known. Dubbed by the news media as The Spyderco Killer, the methodical psychopath roots himself deep into Riker’s life for the long haul, until his own madness propels everything into an intense climax.

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A love that runs deeper than the flesh, goes beyond the heart, and is joined by the soul. John and Gloria spent their whole lives together creating such a love, and now that they’ve come to the end only time will tell if the seeds they have sown will flourish into eternal companionship.

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14th. century, France. A time when wars were fought with swords and maidens were sought by lords. When alliances were forged over wine and power was determined by blood line.

Such times called for royals to put on great events in order to keep their kingdoms lively, and none were more anticipated than The Maiden of Monaco festivities. An event unlike any other, where ten lords from nine nations are to compete for the hand of Princess Angelique.

Christophe, the youngest and least experienced among the contenders, sets out determined to prove his worthiness, and soon realizes he’s living a fairytale-in-the-making.

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Bleeding Cover

Every heart has to find its own truth in life. Its own path to love. Sometimes these journeys can test one’s spirit to a near breaking point. But for those who endure, what they find on the other side of perseverance can make it all worthwhile.
Tobias and Karida each had a hidden secret close to their heart. One, out of a need to protect, the other, to be free. With the core of these two secrets one in the same, fate brings their two different worlds together in this dramatic story of hope, inner strength, and true love.

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Elsa Cover

Coming from a life of poverty and hardship, only one could be chosen from Elsa’s family to receive a proper education. Now armed with a college degree she sets out to provide a better life for her loved ones by leaving her native Third World country. But soon Elsa is faced with adversity she could never have imagined, and it will take every ounce of inner strength she has to overcome.

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6x Cover

The unleashing of a sexual beast, a sexplorer’s discovery of a lifetime, and the cherishing of a pristine innocent. Add this to an erogenous tale of curiosity in The Pink French and the quenching of a lustful thirst in Business Class and you’ve got five sensual short stories linked by six passionate characters in 6 Degrees of SeXparation.

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Aunt Mama Cover

In this prequel to The Mirrored Staircase, the story of how Joseph and Elise became entangled in Aunt Mama’s deceitful web is explored, carving the horrific path to the dark and dramatic tale of their redemption.

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mirrored staircase

In this sequel to the infamous short story Aunt Mama, the reader is taken along on a journey of lost innocence as a group of college students set out to investigate the viral urban legend of The Mirrored Staircase.

Led by two cousins who couldn’t be further apart on the social spectrum, (Jake, a typical frat boy, and Lucas, viewed by most of society as geekish wallpaper) a Hallows’ Eve that starts off sexy and fun soon becomes a bloodbath as the two mirrors from long ago are once again brought together, with the realization that the secrets of a past going all the way back to the days of slavery must be released if anyone is to survive the wrath of Aunt Mama, the witch behind The Mirrored Staircase.

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