Marketing Opportunity

How do you advertise your business? The internet? Radio and/or television ads? Newspapers? The one thing they all have in common is the fact that all these methods involve ongoing costs.

With this opportunity there’s only a one-time cost, a lot less expensive than the above alternatives, and unlike the others this is the only option that can give you perpetual exposure long after that one-time cost.


Alright, I’ll go ahead and tell you, but if you’ll at all skeptical please at least see this through by reading all, so that by the end you’ll realize through logic and common sense that this is indeed a legit and rare opportunity.

I am starting to publish Children’s Picture Books with my business/popular blog The Flash Fiction Ponder, which is read in over 100 countries. We’re partnering up with IngramSpark, one of the world’s leaders in book manufacturing and distribution, their business dealings with over 40,000 retailers worldwide placing us within the global market. (Wherever you are located, we will also be honing in on your local area when it comes to really getting the word out there on the book(s) you choose, so as to reach many of your hometown consumers.)

With each of the three initial books we’ll be releasing, a one-time opportunity is open to advertise in the form of a company name/logo and website link on page three. It’s no secret that books outlive people, so when I say perpetual exposure it is a fact. (You do not need to be in the children’s market to benefit from this opportunity. ANY product or service can be expertly incorporated, an example of which will be discussed before we finish this proposal.)

And now for some details…

I invite you to go into any bookstore, independent or major like Barnes and Noble, and ask to purchase a copy of our first book, Baby & The Purposeful Firefly. It’s in all their systems already, available for preorder. This is the power of IngramSpark at work as our manufacturer and distributor!

This first book has been getting some great reviews so far, as the story involves a concept that has never been done before, and actually is a case of art reflecting real life, in the sense that this book also serves as my child’s name and gender reveal!

Gender Reveal Children's Picture Book firefly above garden

You can have a look at the book by going to the blog and selecting Baby & The Purposeful Firefly from the top menu, which will then take you to a page where you can watch a free video version of me narrating it. This is part of our marketing strategy for book one only. So consumers know the high quality storytelling they’ll be receiving when pre-ordering the print version.

Another strategy has to do with the preorder, the release date of May 7, 2019 being within the same month my child is due, so as to generate more interest and therefore sell more books!

There’s only one available slot to advertise in Baby & The Purposeful Firefly, this level allowing your company name/logo and link in print on page 3 of every single copy ever sold! All for a one-time cost of $2500.

*Important* If you’re interested in this level it would be a good idea to let me know asap, so once payment is received I can add your page to the book file in time for the manufacturer to get it in there before the street date, as well as updating the free video version so as to start getting you exposure right away.


Our second book is in the tradition of ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas. The story has already been written and once we have a business coming in at this level I will again be working with a professional illustrator to ensure the illustrations are perfectly in alignment with the story. They will look different than the first book, as this one is geared towards a slightly older readership of children.

Again, with this book there is only one slot available. In addition to having your company name/logo and link on page 3 your company logo would also appear in a few of the colorful illustrations as a storefront. This is because the story takes place in a town square and centers around a Christmas tree.

The following picture is only to serve as a general example. Use your imagination to see a much more grandeur tree surrounded by town folk and storefronts. The other storefronts will just be made to look as basic background so that your business is the one drawing in the eyes of the readers, hence the absorption of your brand logo.

Christmas tree in town square.

One-Time Cost


Perpetual exposure

from every single copy ever sold!


Our third book has yet to be written, and that’s because the story will revolve around your product or service! So in addition to your brand & link being on page 3 of every copy ever sold, the product or service of your choosing will be wonderfully illustrated in this book!

As long as it’s not a product or service made only for adults (like alcohol or cigarettes) I can write a family-oriented story around it. Let’s say for example a dentist is interested in coming in at this level. The title of the story would then be something along these lines… (These books could be in the doctor’s waiting room for children to read!)

Journey Teller’s

First Trip

to the


One-Time Cost


Perpetual exposure

from every single copy ever sold!


Journey Teller. This is the name of my son due in May. From book three onwards he will be part of the stories told, as I want my child to be involved in his daddy’s work.

So these are the three initial books we will be publishing under The Flash Fiction Ponder, thus only three slots are available. But it could be less if a company is interested in exclusively getting involved, in which case the total cost for all 3 books would be $10,000. A savings of $500!

Now a little bit more on my son Journey Teller that involves even more increased exposure. As you can tell by his name I’m hoping he’ll be a storyteller like his daddy. (If he chooses to go a different route once he’s old enough I’ll support him.) But yeah, it’s no secret the earlier kids start off perfecting a skill the more chance at success they’ll have, and so I have already started training my son by reading to him daily while in the womb, with more to come once he’s out.

This leads us to…


I’m not guaranteeing it, but I honestly believe Journey will have an excellent chance of becoming The World’s Youngest Published Author! Right now the record stands at just under 5 years old, a boy in India currently holding the achievement. I honestly believe we can beat this!

And so how does this help you? As being part of one (or all 3) of the first initial books most readers of ANY of the books to follow will look back to these maiden stories, thus bringing in yet another level of exposure for you! And yes, if we achieve that World Record a picture book will be written about it as well.

And there it is! One does not have to be a marketing guru nor hold an MBA in Marketing to realize the great opportunity here. ALL achievements made through our family business will always point the public back to The Flash Fiction Ponder, what I have dedicated my life to, and as a result these three books, which will always be promoted on the site will always have exposure, thus, so will you!

Nowadays people look for any reason to say No. Through this solid proposal I have given you every reason to say YES.

And so I leave you with the following quote…

Hindsight is 20/20.

Foresight is jumping on the bandwagon

before anyone else.