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Interested in sponsoring a story?

Great tales engage, excite, and enlighten, and if you’re a reader of my blog then you know the The Flash Fiction Ponder is all about such stories of substance.

Great stories are also timeless. So yeah, in addition to your sponsored post being free of fluff, it will also be read long after it first debuts on the site, therefore extending your exposure indefinitely!

So what do you get when you sponsor one of The Flash Fiction Ponder’s stories of substance.? Content that will stay with the reader!

Readers are smart cookies. They know when they’re being manipulated, and are quickly turned off by this type of marketing. And this is exactly what The Flash Fiction Ponder is not about! I will not support a product I do not personally believe in, and I will not cram in ‘keywords’ in greedy pursuit of SEO saturation. This blog’s focus is on SUBSTANCE, and believe me,  as someone who has been studying storytelling all his life, this is what has staying power, what ultimately outshines all else in the infinite realms of cyberspace.

The Flash Fiction Ponder currently has three levels of sponsorship…


Your product or service is not mentioned in the story, but at the end of the post your company will be thanked with

A Special ‘Thank You” To Our Sponsor

followed by your company’s logo and website link.

Story Sponsorship

As the story's exclusive sponsor, your company name/logo and link at the end of the post!



Your product or service is mentioned in the story, in a natural way. This means it’s not just blatantly thrown in the reader’s face, because again, such a thing is a BIG turn off. Think more along the lines of Product Placement in films. The illuminating mention will relate to what’s going on in the story, and is much more likely to stay within the reader’s mind as a result of this organic approach.

Following the mention will be a great photo of your product or service before the story continues, and you will also receive the benefit of the first level; company logo and link at the end of the post.

Product/Service Placement Sponsorship

In addition to your company's name/logo and link at the end of the post, your product or service is intimately mentioned in the story, along with a great photo of it!



(Limited to one post per week.)

In addition to receiving the benefits of the first two levels, the whole story will be centered around your product or service! This will also include two more great photos of your product or service featured within the story as well as part the story’s cover photo.

As mentioned above, The Flash Fiction Ponder is not about pander. I will not bombard my wonderful readers with overwhelming and/or  tactless marketing. And so I limit these SUPERNOVA stories of substance to just once a week.

Product Highlight Sponsorship

The whole story centered around your product/service, in addition to four great photos, company name/logo and link!


I look forward to helping your business radiate with great storytelling!

For further inquiries, or if you would like to secure a specific date of sponsorship, you can email contact@theflashfictionponder@.com.